Eimhir, the Summer Queen

Queen of Earth and Sunlight


Eimhir is old and powerful by the standards of most beings on the material plane, but is young and naive in comparison to her lover Mhyr. She presides over the Seelie Court, the most visible and well-organized ruling group in the Fey Wilds. Eimhir is upstanding and beautiful, and values justice, kindness, and order. However, Eimhir is often hypocritical when it suits her (without much self-awareness of this fact). Her ascension to the throne within the Seelie Court is one example of this; her ongoing affair with her adviser Garbhan is another. Eimhir truly loves Mhyr, but cannot deny herself other lovers despite this; she naively assures herself that this is an acceptable state of affairs that can be effectively hidden from Mhyr and won’t lead to conflict or pain.

Eimhir is neutral good. She is loving, warm, compassionate (selectively), beautiful, proud, and stubborn. Her domains are light and earth.


Eimhir, the Summer Queen

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