Emerson Manor staff


Head Butler: Laurelle Radcliff – human female, neatly dressed with a tight bun and pursed lips
Head Housekeeper: Derval Hopper – human person of indeterminate gender with fair skin and long, wavy hair.
Cook: Klaus – human man with wild dark hair and a braided beard
Lady’s Maid: Karlene – halfling woman with long red hair and rosy cheeks.
Valet: Milton – human man with ochre skin and slicked-back hair

Housekeepers: Senta, Timo, Gunda, Eckart
Grooms/stablekeeps: Palmer, Cordula, Carson
Guards: Gardenia (half-elf, head guard, thick-set), Alwin, Madoline, Willy, Rolo, Campbell
Kitchen Aide: Scarlett


Emerson Manor staff

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