Gretchen Emerson

Middlest Emerson child


Gretchen is a 23 y/o human female, the second/middle child of Dunstan and Alexis. She lives in Neverwinter where she is the fantasy equivalent of a graduate student in magical studies. She learns, teaches, and researches there as a wizard. Gretchen is remarkably smart, and knows this with a quiet and implicit confidence. She sees herself as an innovator; she would be giving TED talks if she were in our world.

Gretchen is petite like her mother, but with her father’s warm and easy smile. She has shoulder-length dark hair and wears well-made stylish but practical clothing.

Gretchen belongs to a new magic society known as the Cresting Wave. The Wave is an association of wizards and others in related fields, and draws a certain crowd – innovators, entrepreneurs, those who flout tradition; humans; those who are interested in the accumulation of power and fame.


Gretchen Emerson

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