Mhyr, the Queen of Air and Darkness

Queen of Air and Darkness


Mhyr is hundreds upon hundreds of years old; almost none of the other archfey can recall a world without her. She has ruled over the so-called Unseelie Court in the Fey Wilds throughout living memory. Mhyr does not share power with a court in the same way that the Summer Queen tends to, instead maintaining a loosely organized network of allies, friends, advisors, etc, all of whom have an implicit understanding that she is their undisputed ruler. She is a very strong and intelligent ruler, but especially impetuous and passionate.

After warring with the Seelie Court 300 years ago and considerably weakening both their martial forces and respect/influence of their queen Caisling, Mhyr was able to maneuver her lover Eimhir onto the throne. Despite occasional brief affairs, Mhyr remains fiercely and intensely in love with Eimhir. She has always been the jealous sort, but has become increasingly suspicious of Eimhir in recent years as she notices Eimhir becoming increasingly unreliable and distant in small ways.

Mhyr is chaotic neutral. She is labile, sensitive, vengeful, powerful, and passionate. Her chief domains are air and darkness (as her title makes clear).


Mhyr, the Queen of Air and Darkness

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