Powerful but irresponsible femmes possibly destroy the world

9/24/17 play otes
8/6/17 play notes

After the party subdues the water elemental summoned to fight the fire, Derval makes towards them to speak to them and then seems to think beter of it.  They disappear, but Hebba is able to track them into the house and to their room, where he confronts them.  Derval thanks Hebba and the others for their help and communicates that they may have similar aims and make good allies.  However, Derval's cover as a servant is blown, and they quickly gather their belongings and leave, planning to meet up with the PC's in Phandalin later.

The PC's confront Lord Emerson about his buying and enslaving Taog.  They succeed in cowing him and extracting a promise from him to serve the community after this, perhaps by volunteering his time and wealth in some way.

The PC's stay up late celebrating – Aurelion and Hebba win a prodigious amount gambling, Bran gets a drink thrown in his face, Aedril spends the night in a passionate conversation with a handsome man named Elijah, and Jinmorn breaks even gambling.  In the morning Aedril receives a letter from Taog for Aurelion - opening it, Aurelion finds that it is a letter from someone named Mathis to a Florian Luperios, mentioning that Aurelion's sister Allarielle is working with Mathis.  The party sets out to speak with Florian, who lives in the city's North Ward.

On the way to Florian's home, the party notices that they are being followed.  Hebba successfully hides in an alley and ambushes the person tailing them – a fey woman accompanied by 4 armored blink dogs.  After seeing that she's clearly outmatched, she attempts to flee, but is caught by the party.  She tells them that she is sent by Eimhir, the Summer Queen, who is angry that they freed Taog.  The party informs the woman, Kais, that they were sent by Eimhir's advisor Garbhan.  Kais is disbelieving at first but buys it once Aurelion tells her three times (which is a fey thing).  She is confused and resolves to go inform Eimhir ASAP.

The party arrives at Florian's home.  He is unimpressed by their story that they are mattress salesmen, but his wife Solene recognizes Bran as the one who healed her burned arm yesterday and lets them in.  Aurelion explains that he is looking for his sister, and Florian says that she was working as Mathis Stedman's assistant at his lab in Neverwinter.  He agrees to give Aurelion Stedman's information, but won't share it with the others as he is reluctant to send an entire band of men to his friend's lab.  Aurelion parts ways with the party, who plan to return to Phandalin and speak with Shanti about securing Wave Echo Cave.


7/22/17 play notes
06/17/17 play notes

Our party returns from Wave Echo Cave with Nezra in tow, and hands her off to Shanti at the Townmaster's Hall.  Shanti pays them 200 GP for their efforts (50 each).  Heppa, concerned about Nezra escaping and happy to make some extra money guarding her, stays with her at the prison.  Jinmorn is concerned about the lack of public defenders in Phandalin.  Shanti is less concerned, but will begin the process of setting up a workable legal system in the town (which til now had only the ineffective Townmaster to resolve disputes).  Aedril and Bran visit the family that was held captive by the Redbrands while Jinmorn heads to the local dive bar to drink with Drew.  Jinmorn meets Aurelion there, and despite Aurelion's mostly successful attempts to cheat at cards, Jinmorn wins some money from him in a few hands of poker.  They are kicked out of the bar after Jinmorn flips a table when he discovers Aurelion cheating, and head to the more respectable inn to keep drinking.  

Bran and Aedril are at this inn, and the four sit down together with drinks that Elsa, the barmaid, is happy to provide on the house.  Garbhan appears with the party shortly thereafter and informs them about Taog's whereabouts.  He offers them 500 GP to get Taog – 300 up front, 200 afterwards.  He also furnishes them with disguises as nobles (Aurelion and Jinmorn) and servants (Aedril and Bran) and some potions and scrolls.  

Jinmorn gets very drunk and goes to sleep after catching Aurelion cheating once more at cards.  Bran and Aedril speak together before sleeping, agreeing that they don't trust Garbhan but have no choice but to do as he says.  Aurelion spends the night cheating at cards some more, winning big in an enormous game, and ending up in an enormous fight with the people he was playing with.  The ensuing brawl wrecks the tavern, and Aurelion makes an enemy, Telem Ule, who unbeknownst to him is also attending the party Garbhan has arranged for them to attend.

The next morning, Jinmorn gets up to run sprints with the crossfit blacksmith halfing he made friends with earlier, puking his guts out the whole time.  The party makes plans over breakfast and begins their trip to Waterdeep, where the Emerson manor is located.  Once in town, Aedril goes to the library to reminisce and read up on the Emersons and magic mirrors.  Aurelion mingles and attempts to meet guests who will be at the party – he succeeds in meeting Aust, as well as 4 other guests.  Jinmorn goes to the manor as soon as he arrives in town and demands to be let in.  He is accommodated, but hits a wall when he demands to stay overnight at the manor; the family puts him up at the Golden Lion inn instead.  

The next morning, Bran and Aedril report for their work as extra servants for the party and are shown their jobs.  Aedril begins trying to case the house and learns a bit about Taog from Karlene and Senta, two of the house servants.  As the party starts, Aedril becomes a little more bold and wanders into the living quarters of the Emerson family, where he encounters Gretchen.  Gretchen suspects him of stealing and asks him  turn out his pockets; completely panicking, Aedril gulps down his potion of invisibility and disappears.  He goes through the house, investigating each room, and eventually finds Taog.  Taog is a hot mess, but is grateful to see Aedril and excited to hear that rescue may be at hand.  

Aedril and Bran meet in the hallway and speak while Aedril remains invisible, but Bran is whisked away too soon by one of the Emersons, who is concerned about his odd behavior.  Aedril retreats to the back lawn and finds a nice bush to hide behind before using Message to finish communicating with Bran.  Fashionably late, Aurelion shows up to the party and begins speaking with one of the people he met earlier that day, Lord Hedgemere Brovius, a halfling warlord.  Aurelion is successfully able to work his way into a conversation among a number of party guests, only to find that Telem was just regaling the others with the story of Aurelion's card game and ensuing brawl back in Phandalin.

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