Fey history and premise

Although the fey courts are relatively loose associations without clear boundaries and lands (particularly the Unseelie Court), they have always played a substantial role in shaping the events among the fey.  Fey are emotional, intuitive, flawed, but powerful creatures, and this shapes relations between and within the courts.  The influence of the courts often spills out of the Fey Wilds and into the material plane as well, as it did nearly 300 years ago when the courts last warred.  Egos and flaring tempers drove this war more than any practical concerns, but this is typical within the Fey Wilds.  On the material plane, a terrible and strange lightning and hail storm decimated the town of Phandalin, which never quite recovered to its former size and glory.  A nearby town whose name has been forgotten fared much worse, as the ground opened up beneath it and magma spewed forth.  Beings on the material plane don't have explanations for these events, although some scholars consider it a worthy topic of debate.

About 200 years ago, The Queen of Air and Darkness (Mhyr) took advantage of the Summer Queen Caisling's weakened forces and influence post-war to maneuver her own lover, Eimhir, onto the throne.  Although much younger and more naive than Mhyr, Eimhir has grown into her role as Summer Queen, and is well-respected within the court.  Furthermore, Mhyr and Eimhir's relationship has meant peace and cooperation between the courts – at least, most of the time.  

Eimhir took her advisor Garbhan as a lover nearly 15 years ago now, thinking that she could hide the indiscretion from Mhyr and (rightly) assuming that Mhyr likely took lovers of her own as well.  Although Mhyr has suspected from time to time, Eimhir is always able to pacify and reassure her.  However, she is becoming more and more concerned about the causes of Eimhir's incongruous behavior.  In addition, Garbhan is becoming ambitious and has been encouraging Eimhir to sever her relationship with Mhyr and attempt to overthrow her as queen of the Unseelie Court.  Garbhan mistakenly believes that Mhyr's age means that she is out-of-touch, and mistakes the lack of structure within the Unseelie Court for weakness.  In reality, of course, Mhyr's age speaks to her immense power; the Unseelie Court only appears unstructured because Mhyr is jealously unwilling to share power with a court, and because her fundamental nature is that of dis-order, darkness, and lability.  

Mhyr sent one of her few trusted friends/advisors, Taog, to spy on Eimhir very recently.  Taog knew he was likely to be caught (one doesn't turn down requests from Mhyr), and in fact was caught quite quickly by Eimhir.  Despite Garbhan's urging to let Taog go and report back to Mhyr, Eimhir locked Taog in her spring estate while she deliberated his fate.  However, Taog was freed by Garbhan (who simply "forgot" to close the door to his room/cell after conversing with him) with some help from his friend the trickster fey Nathair.  Taog traveled to Mhyr's palace and managed to inform her only that he had a message for her before Eimhir, enraged, caught him again and trapped him in a pocket dimension inside one of the mirrors lining the walls of the palace chamber.  Taog's essence, along with all of his magical abilities, remains inside the mirror, while his physical body is without.  Soon bored with the situation and feeling spiteful, Eimhir sold both the mirror and Taog's body to a nearby wealthy merchant.  Defeated by the experience and bewildered by the needs of his physical form without magic to aide him, Taog eventually submitted to servitude with the family.  

Garbhan has approached the party and asked them to free Taog, though he has insufficiently explained why he will not or cannot do this himself.  If Taog is freed, he is very likely to inform Mhyr of Eimhir's affair – although nothing is certain with fey.

Fey history and premise

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